The world's first decentralized mobile phone service market value consensus network ecological chain
Global Mobile Industry Service Chain Ecosystem
Bringing Revolutionary Links with Block chain to 5 Billion Mobile Phones and Consumers Worldwide And change the global mobile phone market cooperation market.
Building a clean, transparent, trustworthy, unmarketable and profit-driven, fair and free smartphone value exchange consensus network ecosystem
Value Consensus Network
The mobile phone chain is built on block chain technology based on value consensus, eliminating all centralization costs and channel costs to make the world a better place.
User Security Protection
Based on the asymmetric encryption mechanism of the private key and public key, the privacy of the user is completely under the control and management of its private key. No one can steal users’ personal privacy information without authorization.。
Establish credit
Base on days destroyed, credit records are save forever cross platform and time zone, which means all the records, cannot be changed.
What can token do?
No middleman is there to make the difference; make the realization of “The seller sells more money, and buyer buys with less money” comes true. This can become the most competitive second hand mobile trading and aftermarket service platform.
What can solve?
There is a huge grey industrial chain for second-hand mobile phones. Consumers lost their confidence due to there are refurbished phones, phones with water damage and other problems, due to all the shady situations. The transactions on the chain are transparent, traceable, and cannot be tampered with. With cryptography and public ledgers, are used for transaction and circulation cost. Which means, it no longer needs a centralized brand to endorse the quality of mobile phones, which will definitely reduce the cost of channel circulation.
Traditional trading model TOKEN transaction mode
The team
Jack Chairman
The former national key scientific and technological project 863, the digital publishing project leader of Spark Program
Internet veterans, a billion Dollar unicorns
Michael Rubel
Founder of
GE Ventures
United States Naval Academy
Seattle, Washington.
Founder of DBX in Hong Kong
Founder of DBX in Hong Kong
Twenty years of international mobile trading,business covers more then 100 countries across the world.
Teng Kaming
After a famous geomantic scholar
Teng Kaming
A well-known social activist
Ten years of Internet operation and promotion, rich experience, millions of community operators. He has served as a commercial director of Southern China, a well-known strategic financial and taxation consultancy, and is well-known human resource Internet Co COO. Domestic large toy animation group Promotion Director.
Ziyi Liu
Famous Chinese industrialists
Director of the Foshan Dali General Chamber of Commerce
Chairman of Hongkong Pao Lida science and Technology Co., Ltd..
With more than thirty years of practical experience in the management and operation of traditional manufacturing and channel retail, and directly or indirectly involved in the investment of a number of mobile production and accessories manufacturing plants
Yuen Wong
CEO and Co-Founder of Galaxy eSolutions Ltd
Joe Chan
CTO of Galaxy eSolutions Ltd
Fang Lee CEO & Beepay Co - Founder
Shuyi Yuan
IRB Asia Research Institute of international block chain Laboratory
Jessy Shen
WeShare Wifi Beepay Co - Founder
  • Publish Whitepaper
    April 2018
  • Token Recycle phone goes online
    Aug 2018
  • Token phone market goes online
    Oct 2018
  • Wallet client test goes online
    Mar 2019
  • Decentralization of second-hand mobile phone trading The platform main chain test is online
    June 2019
  • 10 million units are traded annually
    December 2019
  • 20 million units are traded annually
    December 2020